It came in as a shock and shook the entire world in a matter of days. No one was prepared for the situation that COVID-19 brought and it placed every brand manager, marketer and expert on test of their expertise. Not only that, even as a consumer, we all had to adjust to a new lifestyle, forcing us to change our behavior that shapes the entire digital marketing spectrum.

This difficult time put marketers in a situation to question ourselves:


Is it wise to promote your brand on Facebook/Instagram during COVID-19?

There may not be a concrete answer to this question as the facts required to make the decision might be different for different brands as well as products. So we have a few data that could help you figure out your choice amidst the current dynamic scenario.

Digital consumption and usage is high

It is obvious that with lockdown active, consumer’s engagement in outdoor activities has come to a complete halt. Overall, the global online traffic has increased by 67% than normal daily average. Effect of which can also be seen on social platforms like Facebook/Instagram where people are spending time much more than normal. Thus increasing the numbers of available impression in these platforms. Facebook reports 70% increment in messenger video calls and 50% increment of total messaging through messenger and WhatsApp during COVID-19.

Low competition, low cost and high reach

Gain twice the audience at the same amount spent. Yes, that is true. With rising impressions, cost of result is going down during covid-19 for all industries across all regions.  Also, brands are investing less into marketing during this time, decreasing competition and in turn lowering the cost for advertisement.

Serve consumer today, win business later

Figuring out what to communicate during this time is an excruciating experience. Apart from few brands, communication could be tricky and backlash is just one post away. We have seen this is prominent ISP in Nepal. Be sensitive and relevant with your communication. That is one step towards building brand connection with customers. And trust me, this connection with your customer will give you long term benefits, even after the COVID-19.

However, deciding whether to start promoting your brand on Facebook depends completely on your jurisdiction. You may consider the facts presented here to decide whether to invest in ads during this time.

Author: Pranish Balami