think like digital marketers

For brands to work with Digital Marketers, it is essential they get accustomed with some of the tools that all Digital Marketers use on a daily basis. Therefore, for you to do some DIY Digital Marketing here are some tools you might want to be acquainted with.

Google Trends:
If you don’t know how popular your brand or product is, look no further; Google trends is the best tool to give you a perspective of your brand’s online presence. We use this tool to identify the search terms used to find your product or your competitor’s product nationally or even region specific. Once you have these data, you have a better understanding of how and what you should be promoting and where.

Bonus TIP: you can also use Trends to find the trendiest stories, which you can use to your advantage.

Google Keyword Planner:
The name itself is self-explanatory; it plans your keywords. So why do you need this? Because you have a nice product ready to show to your customers, you have also prepared nice Banners and images for your customers but how do you reach them? Demographic is a way to go, but to be more specific and understand how your customers search for relevant product, you need help and that help comes from Keyword Planner. It shows you all the terms used to search relevant product and their volume and if we try to sit and plan to find these terms on our own, it would take us days with no data.

Google Display Planner
Similar to Keyword planner, Display planner helps you get data for your Banner Ads. Often we have seen brands go blind with a budget for placements. What is Placements? It is where the ads are being shown and that is exactly what Display Planner helps you with. You can use this tool to first identify the numbers of placements (websites, apps, games etc.) available to you in your targeted area. It just does not end there; you can also get an estimated forecast for each placement to find out the right budget for the ad.

Facebook Insights
Every one of us uses Facebook regularly but we fail to look deeper into the tools that Facebook has created which gives us immense data to understand our customers and their behaviors. It should be necessary practice for Brands to observe Facebook Insights and use it regularly. You not only get audience data like their Age, Location, Interests, Time of interaction; you also get to monitor what your competitors are doing. See head-to-head comparison with other brands and find out what they are doing better or wrong, which is one the simplest ways to improve your strategy.
Does not matter if you are a brand or an agency, this site is a killer and one of my favorite. It is one of the easiest tool you can use to see your Facebook page performance. All you need to do is go to the site and write you pages name, BOOM! You will get tons of observations and recommendations for your page, just follow the advice and you will have yourself a solid foundation for your page. Furthermore, you can also use this tool to see how your page is doing compared to others in your region. I mean I still do not understand how do they let you do it for FREE.

Research & Training
Digital marketers are like Doctors, you cannot just have a limited knowledge and start practicing. Technology advances, things keep changing and at a much faster rate than ever, so you do not have the option to sit still and rely on your knowledge. Start subscribing to blogs and sites of your preference, read articles, explore campaigns and take inspiration from others.

I would also recommend short courses for Brand Managers to get a better understanding of this vast channel for better implementation of their ideas. Nowadays many institutions have opened in Nepal that are providing course where you get to learn practically. One such institution I feel has the right setup and expertise in Nepal is Neosphere (, would definitely recommend it for Brand Managers and people interested in starting a career in this field.

Author: Shabab Sabbir